Moving can be stressful. Not only are you packing your entire life into boxes, but you’re also spending significant amounts of time stressing over your new home. Whether you’re moving down the street or across the country, moving is a significant life event that takes time and motivation. If you’re looking to reduce stress while moving, here are a few tips to make the move a smooth transition.

Plan Ahead

Moving is less stressful if you plan far in advance. Instead of waiting until the last minute, prepare a few weeks or even months ahead. Coming up with a step-by-step process of when and what you will pack will not only reduce stress but also help keep you organized.


Hire a Moving Company

Bringing in a company with experience can help reduce stress during your move. Moving companies can not only help with your belongings on the day you move, but they can also help you pack and plan. When moving, you may become worried about damaging items or not being out of your home on time. An experienced moving company will safely and gently move your belongings in a timely manner.


Prioritize and Organize

When moving, it’s important to prioritize what aspects of the move are most important. Is it important to you to have valuables wrapped securely? Or do you value the organization of your packing to make unpacking a smoother process? It’s likely that when you move, you won’t have the time to do everything perfectly. Be sure to prioritize your move by what is most important to you.

It will also be helpful to organize items depending on how you want them packed. Organizing them into areas of your home prior to packing will help save you time and stress, rather than running around with boxes on moving day. Consider developing an organization plan several days in advance and moving them into place with plenty of time to spare.



Many people find that reducing their belongings prior to their move helps reduce stress. Holding a garage sale or donating unwanted items will help reduce the number of items that you have to pack. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all of your belongings, but you should consider which items you really want to take to your new home and which aren’t worth the trouble. If there are new items you will want after moving to your new home, be sure to get rid of the old ones prior to your move.


Stay Healthy

Making a plan to stay healthy is extremely important to reduce stress levels during your move. This means getting enough sleep, eating right, and staying hydrated. You may find yourself needing to prepare meals in advance and paying extra attention to the amount of water you’re drinking. By staying healthy, you can reduce stress and stay in tip-top shape for the move.