The look of a nice wooden deck is comforting and can liven up the look of a home significantly! While these home additions are beautiful to look at, wood tends to deteriorate and lose its color over time. Homeowners often see the colors of the deck and fence fade throughout time and may wonder what options are available to them to renew these structures. While replacement may be optimal for older decks and fences, most could benefit from a simple staining.

How It Works

Before any work can be done, we want to hear from you! Show us pictures of your deck or fence’s coloring and give us examples of how you would ideally like for it to look. From there, we will gather all necessary equipment and product for your project. We will pick a day and get straight to work! Deck staining typically lasts 3-5 years so when we’re done you won’t have to worry about re-staining for a while.

What We Offer

Our experts are very familiar with the staining process and will make sure that your deck and fence are even, bright, and will last for a while. We take great pride in delivering quality service to our amazing customers. To see what we can do for your deck or fence, contact the professionals at Got Odd Jobs today!